Case #055: Malignant schwannoma in a dog(悪性神経鞘腫のゴールデンレトリバーの1例)

An intact male 9.3 year old golden retriever was presented with swelling at right side of nose.


First of all, we planned for taking specimen of pathology.


Oral mucous looks no problem.

It looked wrapped in a film so I changed the plan to take them all out.

Although could not resect them out en bloc.

Blunt peering with fingers.

The mass was connected deep site.

Ligate the base with suture and cut.

Trim the skin.

Then sutured with simple ligature pattern.

The result of pathology was malignant schwannoma would be highly suspected.

#悪性神経鞘種 #malignantschwannoma


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