Case #057: Vital pulp capping with MTA for a 7 month old, intact female, Labrador retriever dog.

A lovely 7month old, intact female, Labrador retriever dog was presented with class 2 malocclusion and palatal injuries.

I planed vital pulp capping with MTA.

Bony class 2 malocclusion

Small dents were seen inside of each 104 and 204.

Apex of 304 and 404 were opened widely.

Intraoral X-ray with dental probe showed 404 would erupt 3-4mm more.

Cut both 304 and 404 at same height of 3rd incisor teeth.

Then the bleeding stopped. It took very long time.....

Made many small ball of MTA for handling easier.

Put some balls into each pulps. (took a pic from left side)

Took away bloody serous with paper points.

Then put GI on the MTA.

Checked with dry sterile gauze for sealing.

Putting GI made two thin layer to make sure.

Finally CR restoration has done with bonding agent.



Final x-ray of 404 and


We are planning for taking x-ray on three month later.

#生活歯髄切断法 #Vitalpulpcapping #caninetooth #MTA


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